Weapons of Mass Creation is an unreleased project that was intended to be Kerli's second studio album, with a projected released date in 2012. As Kerli herself said in an interview with PopEater, it was intended to be "a concept album about the future of society", with a strong army-themed imaginary.[1] The idea was later scrapped in favor of Utopia. Its only single, Army of Love, is the only confirmed song to be part of it, and was released in April 2011.

Songs[edit | edit source]

The following list displays songs that are speculated to belong to this project, although no official track listing was ever revealed. The speculations are based on either musical composition or lyrical content. The only confirmed song is Army of Love, which was released as the intended lead single. It is possible that Zero Gravity was also intended for Weapons of Mass Creation, but that it was later arranged in Utopia, and ultimately scrapped when the album was reduced into an extended play.

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