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  • She is lactose intolerant.
  • Her family has no religious beliefs.[1]
  • She had braces around the time she was 7.[2]
  • Kerli cites a synth her mother gave her when she was 8 as the most treasured gift she's ever received.[3]
  • She had a diary from when she was 13 until 15 and "every entry started with: I'm gonna be a singer and go to America."[4]
  • Kerli says she started experimenting with hair coloring when she was 14; colors that included neon red, hot pink, black, dark brown, orange, purple and blue.[5]
  • Her parents separated when she was 16 and the song Supergirl is about the things she wishes her mother would've told her father.
  • She started smoking cigarettes when she was 16 and marijuana when she was 18 but quit smoking marijuana when she was 21.[6][7]
  • She attempted to kill herself when she was 17 but was interrupted when a friend stopped over at her house.[8]
  • She once broke her arm.[9]
  • According to Kerli, her grandmother is a painter and a psychic but doesn't "embrace her psychic side".[10]
  • She used to be a vegetarian.[11]


  • Kerli started classical piano training when she was 8 but quit when she was 14 to pursue singing.[12]
  • During her performance at Õllesummer, Kerli stood on a platform which then rose with a poll to very high height and the poll was originally attached to the platform with one screw and had a note attached it which stated "Motherfucker, don't get on this piece of shit, you'll die". Although the problem was corrected, Kerli said she was "scared shitless" and that her legs were "shaking like crazy" but it wasn't visible under the dress.[13]
  • The first lyrics she ever wrote were "I must be fool when I believed the road was open. I must be fool, 'cause now I see my heart is broken" when she was 11 and did not speak English well.[14]
  • When Walking On Air was iTunes' "Free Single of the Week", it was downloaded 550,000 times, making it the most downloaded "Free Single of the Week" ever.[15]

Appearance and fashion[]

  • Kerli dyed her hair blue in 2011 after someone screamed to her on the street thinking that she was Lady Gaga as she was in Los Angeles, had blonder hair and is the same height.


  • Kerli did a dub-over for the voice of the character Morgan in the 2009 movie Hired Gun because she sounded so young.