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Näkilaul is a song composed by Olav Ehala and Leelo Tungal and sung by Heidy Tamme, as a part of the soundtrack for the 1984 film Karoliine hõbelõng. Kerli covered the song at her performance at Pühajärve Jaanituli 2018.


Original lyrics[]

Maa peal on paljugi põnevat põlu all,
maapealne ilu on kuivetu, tuim!
Oled sa märganud veepeegli võlu all,
kuidas siin sädeleb soomus ja uim?

Aimad sa midagi veepõhja imedest?
Tead sa, et hetk on siin sama, mis kuu?
Maapealsed hoolivad rahast ja nimedest,
vees aga tähtis on hoopiski muu.

Vees pole kaalu ei võimul ei võlgadel,
vees pole tähtis, mis taga, mis ees.
Tunned, kuis tärkavad tiivad su õlgadel
jahedalt, mahedalt voolavas vees.

Taipad, et maapealne õrnus on vähene,
aimad, mis veetlus on voolaval veel.
Lähene veele, veel lähene, lähene -
maailmast veeilma veidi on veel.


Translation adapted from Lyrics Translate.[1]

On land much exciting is out of favour
The beauty of the land is dry and dull!
Have you noticed how below your reflections charm
how in water the scales and fins are shining

Do you think you can guess any of waters miracles?
Do you know, that a second here is the same as a month?*
The land roamers only care about money and names
In water different things are important.

In water power nor debt has any meaning
In water, it doesn’t matter what’s ahead of you and what you left behind
You shall feel how wings sprout from your shoulders
In cold, calmly flowing water.

You realize that gentleness on land is rare
You realize the appeal of flowing water
Approach to water, a bit, approach, approach –
From your world to waterplane* there are just a few steps.

*time has no meaning.
*waterplane: not "plane" as in "flying device" but "plane" as in a form of environment.



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