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Template:Hover Moon Children is a concept created by Kerli. Moon Children follow Integrity, Love, Unity but the term has been broadened to describe Kerli's fans in general. Some of the more recognized moonchildren include: Wonderland Mickey, Moonchild Niero, Mimi, Tyler (KerliTv), Ferdz, Kelsey Jo, Abi, P Cat Moonchild and Moonchild Meko.


The Moon Children are based on Indigo children.

"The Perfect Seven"[]

Aside from Integrity, Love, Unity, the Moon Children also follow the following:

  • Trust
  • Thank
  • Work
  • Respect
  • Change
  • Dream
  • Peace

"Moon Children" Group[]

This one of the best communities of Moon Children, if you want to join this Facebook group, click in the following links: here and here. This is the forum dedicated to Kerli and all Moon Children in general.