Kerli Wiki
  • What is a MoonChild?
Defining a MoonChild is difficult, but basically they are people who believe in Integrity, Love and Unity (I.L.U.). They can also be defined as being someone who feels more than other people.
  • How do I become a MoonChild?
If you think being a MoonChild involves secrets, some sort of initiation or a hierarchy, you're in the wrong mindset, because the MoonChildren aren't an organization but rather just an assembly of people.
  • Am I a MoonChild?
If you put integrity, love and unity are first, or if you feel things more than the people around you, you're a MoonChild.
  • What are moon marks?
Moon marks are three dots that represent Integrity, Love and Unity.
  • I don't really follow I.L.U., am I a MoonChild still?
It's hard to say. But if you're not defined by the secondary definition (feeling more than the people around you) and if you don't follow I.L.U., which is essentially what MoonChildren are about, calling yourself a MoonChild doesn't really seem meaningful.
  • Besides I.L.U., what else do MoonChildren follow?
Besides integrity, love and unity, MoonChildren also follow something called "The Perfect Seven". This is defined as love, trust, thankfulness, work, respect, change and dreaming.
  • Are there any titles among MoonChildren?
It was brought up that the original MoonChildren should be titled Alpha MoonChildren (as "alpha" means first), Kerli, liking the idea, suggested titles should be brought to the MoonChildren. Such as titles for MoonChildren after the Love Is Dead era and after the Tea Party era. Currently, this is up for debate and no consensus have been reached by the MoonChildren.
  • I'm a Kerli fan, does that mean I'm a MoonChild?
Feel free to call yourself "MoonChild" because you're a Kerli fan, but it might be a little more meaningful if you followed I.L.U.
  • I don't follow Kerli as a person and as a musician, can I still be a MoonChild?
Yes, of course.
  • Are the MoonChildren a cult?
By definition, a cult is a "group whose beliefs or practices are considered strange" which doesn't seem to have a negative connotation, however a cult can also be defined as "a religion or sect that is generally considered to be unorthodox, extremist, or false" or "a system of religious beliefs and rituals". Those last two definitions definitely do not define MoonChildren to any degree. One is a MoonChild, one does not become one. There is nothing to join, it's just a group of people. One can believe in Integrity, Love and Unity and still not define as a MoonChild.