Mantra is a song performed by Kerli.

Leak Edit

Mantra was leaked along with a large amount of similar demos on November 2, 2012.


Every minute of the day
brings me closer to myself
And every second makes me wiser,
makes me stronger, takes me there.
I am breathing though a week ago
I nearly drowned myself
and I'm thinking to myself
that it's not getting anywhere

It's not 'bout where I end up
It's what I do along the way
I don't hide
I can't lie
And that's why
My mantra
Sounds so loud

I don't have the answers yet
but I am sure I'll figure out
I'm afraid of being perfect
always right and never doubt
I'll find my soul,
my own point of view
And I know that when I'm hurt
it's for the stupid things I do.


Kerli - Mantra (Audio)

Kerli - Mantra (Audio)

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