"Made for Loving You" (alternatively referred to as "(I Was) Made for Loving You" or "I Was Made for Loving You") is a song performed by Kerli for her second studio album Utopia, and written by Kerli along with the producer duo SeventyEight, composed by Svante Halldin and Jakob Hazell.[1]

Background Edit

After almost all of the songs intended for Utopia leaked in late 2012, Island Records decided not to release a full-length album, and an homonymous extended play was released instead, with only half of the songs. Thus, Made for Loving You was scrapped along with Kaleidoscope, Speed Limit, Last Breath, Supergirl and Zero Gravity, the latter of which was released back in 2012.

As of December 2018, the song has not been leaked, but it is rumoured that it has been circulating among traders and that it might be leaked someday.

Trivia Edit

  • Made for Loving You is the only song from the Utopia final track listing that has not been leaked. Other songs from these sessions have leaked, like Stardust, as well as most of the Weapons of Mass Creation sessions.
  • Other unleaked songs from the Utopia sessions are Cashmere and Missing U. These songs were written and composed by teams behind songs in Utopia, like SeventyEight (producer for most of the Utopia songs) and Jonas Jeberg (producer for Last Breath); however, these tracks were not included in the final track listing for the original second studio album.


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