Lady Gaga is frequently linked to Kerli. Due to Lady Gaga's large amount of fame, many people are compared to her, regardless of similarities.

Although Kerli has accused Lady Gaga of stealing her ideas, she very rarely will speak ill of her and on the contrary, will praise Lady Gaga for her fame and creativity.

Yellow hair

After Lady Gaga appeared with yellow hair, an idea Kerli had used soon before, Kerli wrote on MySpace:

It’s kinda fucking funny that Lady Gaga ALSO has yellow hair now ... I wish she would fucking stop ripping off everything I do. Fucking bitch

Kerli soon apologized for this in a Kyte chat stating:

So this morning I was reading the news and I saw that Lady GaGa also had yellow hair, and I’ve been doing so much to not look anything like her, and I feel like everything I do she’ll do two weeks later. I feel like I’m starting my next album cycle and I’m trying to look different so I wouldn’t get these comparisons, but it’s like every time I do something different and post the picture up on MySpace she’s also looking that way in two weeks time.

No disrespect because the thing she does visually and her styling... and she’s best friends with Alexander McQueen obviously I’m not competing with that, obviously I’m not competing with four number one hits. I’ve never really said anything in a pissed off kind of way because I didn’t wanna be that person who was like a nobody and was like screaming when somebody else was standing on top of the mountain and ruling the world, I’m nobody to talk, but this morning I was like…
I know she knows who I am and I’m good friends with some of the members of her team and it’s just a little much that I’m trying so hard to not look anything like her and she’ll just end up looking like me anyways so I just lost it for a second and called her a bitch and it was really immature of me and I know the world will take it in a completely wrong way because she’s on top and I’m not.

Some of these things I’ve been like “it’s a coincidence it’s a coincidence it’s a coincidence”, and then I’m like “you know what, this is not a coincidence anymore”, and obviously she’s taking her visuals to a next level because she’s got all this money behind her... Her fans come at me like I’m the copycat, I’m just tired and that’s the reason why I said it. Nobody knows who I am and she’s so big and I’ll just come across as some idiot who imagines these things, but me and everybody who’s been watching my career since I started know that I’m right.

Blue hair

In 2011, Kerli dyed her hair blue after someone mistook her for Lady Gaga because of her blonde hair. Months later, Lady Gaga had the same shade of blue, most notably at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards.

In May, someone on Formspring said to Kerli "i love your hair!", to this she replied "Thank You. I love the blue too but it's kinda gotten too popular lately khm khm so I'm thinking of the next color already."[1]

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