Kuressaare Merepäevad is a festival "inspired by the sea" that takes place on August 10, 11 and 12 at Raiekivi säär and Kuressaare beach, in Estonia.[1] Kerli performed on August 12, at 23:00 (local time) at the Maritime stage. Regarding the festival's location, she said:

The island of Saaremaa is one of my favorite places in Estonia. This is where every part of the forest and each wave of the sea is full of magic. And this is why I am thrilled to bring my fairy tale land to Kuressaare Maritime Festival. Each of my performances is unique and this time I will be looking for inspiration from the old Estonian sea mythology. See you in Kuressaare![1]

The map of the festival

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Photos by Alar Truu.[2]

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