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K713 flashes twice in the Army of Love music video

K713, or simply 713, is a code used frequently by Vespertine and Kerli. Its meaning is currently a mystery. Kerli, however, did say the meaning will eventually be revealed. Moonchildren speculate that the code means: Kerli's day of birth is 7 and Vespertine's is 13=713. K is also the 11th letter of the alphabet and 7+1+3=11.


Vespertine (2).png

  • At the concert in Austin for SXSW, one of the guitars used by Vespertine had the numbers 713 printed on it.
  • In the photo to the right, 7 is printed above 13, perhaps meaning that 7 and 13 are intended to be two separate numbers (see Deus Ex Machina below).
  • K713 is only used with Kerli, when the photos are of Vespertine, it's 713, suggesting that K could stand for Kerli. However, this may be too obvious to be true. Although Kerli recently refers to herself many times as K on social networks.
  • After being asked "What's that number on your arm? 713? What does it mean?", Kerli replied "K713. It's a secret". Perhaps intentionally correcting 713 to K713.
  • On July 14, 2016 (a day after 13/7), Kerli posted on her Instagram account a photo with white roses and wrote: "Feeling spoiled💕✹🌙 #bestboyfriend #713". Later, she changed the caption by eliminating the #713.
  • Vespertine set, in his Twitter account, a country called "7·13".[1]

The End of the World Suite[]

Frequently, Vespertine attributed quotes as coming from something titled "Deus Ex Machina". On his Facebook account, the bio is the following quote:

Quote mark.svg
Heed our cries--not faith, nor hope, nor angels from on high--but rather love--'tis love will save our souls

Later, these words have proved to be part of the monologue called, indeed, Deus Ex Machina, first track of Vespertine's debut album The End of the World Suite. Vespertine, about the "Deus Ex Machina" meaning:

Quote mark.svg
It does stem from Greek and Roman theater--literally the pulley system used to hoist actors down from the heavens to sort out plot discrepancies. For this reason, it has come to mean "a contrived ending," but I prefer it for it's literal value.
Quote mark.svg
It's "Deus," but I'll skip the lecture on where the phrase comes from and how it's used literarily, and just say that I like it for its literal value, "the god machine." I think of it every time I'm in front of my laptop, see somebody clumsily fingering their iPhone, catch somebody staring in awe at the towering wall of massive flat panel TVs at Best Buy. It's like an invisible hand emanating from the core of all that we revere, and its got us by the throats, slowly choking the life from our numb and dutifully obedient bodies.
Dulce et decorum est pro technologia mori.

Brian published on his YouTube account a video featuring the following quote, that is the opening monologue of the tenth song called I Am:

Quote mark.svg
I hoped that moment would never end. Not perfect, but perfect enough for now - as perfect as it ever would be. Far from the past, engulfed in the terrifying and beautiful uncertainty of it all, with every fiber of my being I gave myself to you. There, beneath the boiling sky, the universe ablaze for us alone, I heard nothing but the soft echo of your voice. You whispered over and over, "This is the end of the world", "This is the end of the world".

Also, the sixth song is called 713.

July 2011[]

On July 14, 2011 (a day after July 13) Vespertine began posting a series of posts to his Tumblr account. The first five were text, the rest being photographs with captions. A total of eleven posts were posted from July 14 until July 25 except for the post for "Day 10" which was posted a day late.

Day 1: July 14
Quote mark.svg
Through the light, the faintest hint of shadow grows—entering our consciousness fleetingly, like a whisper of cold air on the back of our necks.
Day 2: July 15
Quote mark.svg
The darkness spreads across the sky like a cancer—threatening every last ember of light emanating from our valiant and waining star.
Day 3: July 16
Quote mark.svg
We hoped that moment would never end—not perfect, but perfect enough for now—as perfect as it ever would be; far from the past, and engulfed in the terrifying and beautiful uncertainty of it all.
Day 4: July 17
Quote mark.svg
There, beneath the stars, the universe ablaze for us alone, with every fiber of my being, I gave myself to you.
Day 5: July 18
Quote mark.svg
Our hearts became intertwined—a tangled, sinewy mass, like the roots of some horrible and twisted sapling thirsting for its lifeblood. Drinking deep the blackness of the sky, filling our lungs with the frigid night’s air, we turned our lips upwards like beacons to the heavens.



By Kerli[]

  • Someone stated to Kerli on Formspring: "K713 its her special numbers K for kerli and 7, 13, 1, 3 there divine numbers", to this she replied: "They are but it's bigger than just numbers. Wait and see."
  • When asked to give a hint about K713, she replied: "He had to hide the K713 cause people weren't ready to find it yet"
  • When asked when K713 will be revealed on Instagram, she said: "When the world is ready"

By Vespertine[]

  • When asked about the meaning of 713 on Formspring, Vespertine replied "Isn't that something you should be asking Kerli? ;)".




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