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Haavatud jumalanna paranemispäevik: 30 päevaga tallamatist supernaiseks (in English The Healing Diary of a Wounded Goddess: 30 Days for Supernatural Healing) is Kerli's first ever book, in which she shares her painful experiences as well as the healing paths.


The synopsis that follows was adapted from Estonian website Elu24 [1]:

Dear woman!I do not know why are you holding this book right now, but most likely you've reached the stage where you are ready to stretch out of the wings and get out of the narrow cocoon. It's very painful and great deal of effort on your part, but you are tired of getting hurt and letting go of situations and people who do not empower you.

You are ready to learn to love yourself. My deep bow to you!

I have always been a proud and selfish chick and I thought I was bulletproof. I was - until a man who I loved deeply abandoned me after seven years of cohabitation and dragged me on relentlessly two more years after. Ground under my feet gradually collapsed completely, breaking into a million pieces. At one point, I realized that I had become a treadmill who for a long time did not value a single thing about itself. It was a painful and frightening understanding, but it pushed me to the highway of spiritual development, the fruits of which I now enjoy, and would not exchange the difficulties I had to overcome.

You almighty alchemist, too, can transform your pain into gold and completely transform it.

You are a goddess.

This book was written during my own rough journey of healing. I give you one tip every day to do something to love yourself. I hope you find comfort and strength in these chapters.

May these words be your understanding friends and humble teachers.

Courage in discovering yourself! Love you!


In a Facebook live video, Kerli announced, on March 11, 2018, that she was writing a book about self-empowerment for women and that she was talking with publishing companies.

Book topic[]

As Estonian website Apollo says, "in a memorably written essay", Kerli "teaches you how to get over a heartbreak for 30 days and become the best version of yourself. Each day is dedicated to a specific mood and self-esteem corrective action and recommendations are extremely varied, ranging from nutritional and exercise tips to spiritual teachings". [2]

More information posted on Kerli's Instagram:

"The healing diary of the wounded goddess is a 30 day program with all my favourite self love tips and tricks + tons of epic photos from the moon temple. I started writing it as a diary during a rock bottom time in my life and used everything that I share in the book to get #better and turn the heartache into a catalyst to create a 2.0 version of myself. Get it in @apollo.raamatud bookstores now! The english version coming this year!" [30.1.2019] [3]

"My first book baby “the healing diary of a wounded goddess” out exclusively in Estonia now! Laugh and cry with me while you transform yourself from a doormat to a superwoman in 30 days." [31.1.2019] [4]

Media coverage[]

In the interview with Britten Torstenberg for[5] in 2018, Kerli stated that she wrote the Estonian and English version of the book both herself:

"I think that feeling came about a year and a half ago, and last summer I wrote it completely, in two languages. What's really cool about this book is that when I make music or visuals, it comes with a certain amount of tension because I'm a perfectionist, but with this book, the invitation of the soul was so strong to write it. Basically, I cried and shook half the time I wrote it because I felt it would bring joy to so many women. That sense of mission and a very strong feeling was on me all the time. I never had to force myself, as if it was self-inflicted.

It is just like some sort of thing that when I live in the woods and engage in depth, I finally get to be authentic, which is what we strive for, but sometimes difficult to do. Especially since we live in a world of facades. Everyone just like to present this highlight reel of their lives, and that is why sometimes they feel like everyone is doing so well. For myself, and I think I have a very interesting life - even I sometimes scroll the social media, and I feel so bad that, Lord, I'm so ugly and I don't travel anywhere - all such human fears start coming and then you think, what else do other people have?

I think it is refreshing to be vulnerable and it just provides people with the comfort and support to see that other people also have difficult times and those difficult times are overcome. I've done so much work with myself that I no longer care what anyone thinks and that's why it's easy for me to be vulnerable because no one can take anything directly from me. Yes, honest utterances are sure to trigger reactions, but that's not the point. The point is to be fully present in your body, in your life. Say what you really mean and just be your own protector. This is who I am now, with all the mistakes, worries and joys."

Book release[]

The launching event took place at the Solaris Center in Tallinn[1] on November 29, 2018, at 7 pm, hosted by And Anu Saagim. Photographer Jörgen Paabu also presented an accompanying exhibition of photos that were created for this book.

At the same day, on was released a news article with gallery of pictures from this event. Taken by Albert Truuväärt, these photos show Kerli being interviewed, talking to audience, and signing their books. [6]

Credits and personnel[]

  • Kerli Kõiv - writing, photography
  • Jolana Aru - editing
  • MJU - design
  • Jörgen Paabu - photography


One of the best ways to know the nature of your inner goddess is to spend time with other goddesses.

Elu24[7] published an excerpt from the book in the form of audio commentary in December 2018, with the following article heading:

Pink heart quartz, a really soft and cute feminine stone, is particularly good for a broken heart.

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