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Goodbye is a song performed by Kerli for Dreamsequences.


The song is co-written and the piano is performed by Patti McCoy, a "75-year old jazz pianist".[1]

Music video[]

The music video, released for Dreamsequences, consists of over 5,000 individual photographs.


Sometimes it's hard to get better
Or cry
I have been writing this letter
In my mind
And don't get emotional
It's beautiful

Listen, I'll tell you a secret

If I should ever
Feel like goin' home
I jump so I could fly
I'd be the one with ever piece of sand
With every mountain high
Don't tell me I'm wrong
And that it breaks your heart
'Cause that's just the way I feel

I love it here
But I don't belong here
And it's been clear
For a while

It will be clear
End of all the fights
From the dark
Into the light
From the dark
Into the light



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