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Template:Building box The Crescent Manor is a house where Kerli sometimes lives when she is in California. The house can be booked on Airbnb.


It's a neo gothic fairytale home nestled in the Mountains north of San Bernadino. The outside of the home features hand carved arches over the door and windows, a custom stained glass front door, cast iron chandelier, fountain, and slate courtyard. Step inside the home and you'll find black and white neo-victorian decor and furniture complete with a black vintage (and tuned) piano, shiny white fireplace, and black and white birches wallpaper. The modern kitchen has stainless steel appliances and marble counter tops. Upstairs is the “celestial room” with a built in gold canopy bed, and black ceiling covered in gold stars. Travel through the all red corridor to the dungeon to find the master suite which features victorian wallpaper and decor. Just outside the house is a hiking trail which leads to forests of pine, cedar, and giant oak trees. Drive less than a mile to the Lake, where you can park and walk all the way around the lake or rent a paddle boat (in the summer).