BubbleGoth (sometimes written as "Bubble Goth" or "Bubblegoth") is term coined by Kerli to describe the style of both her aesthetics and her music. According to Kerli, BubbleGoth is about mixing elements that are completely opposite - she has described it as making "beautiful things dark and dark things beautiful." According to Kerli, BubbleGoth is also about the spread of love and positivity, albeit through utilizing intense themes.

Etymology Edit

After the release of her debut album Love Is Dead, Kerli was labelled as a goth, and one critic disagreed, instead describing her style as more similar to "bubblegum goth." Kerli took a liking to the label, realizing that it perfectly summarized her style and decided she was "going to take this concept and roll with it." "Bubblegum Goth" quickly became shortened to "BubbleGoth."

Concept Edit

I'm trying to find the perfect balance between light and dark, heavy and playful on my new album. The original Goth kids were very much into romantic things, art and I'm trying to make my album like something of a modern day poetry with extravagant soundscapes that transport you into a different reality? RAWR!.[1]
BubbleGoth is about putting together elements that feel opposite. I always love wearing lolita stuff but never totally straight. It needs to have something that throws it off – like some badass stripper heels. For the Austin show, I mixed cyber and baroque – 2 total opposites. I like really cute and really hard together. Cute respirators is my BubbleGoth thing right now – to protect the innocence. Army of Love is very bubblegoth – it’s about an army which is hard and violent in itself but we fight with good stuff – integrity, love and unity.

Mascot Edit

Twitpic (15)

The mascot photo.

On December 13, it was suggested to Kerli via Formspring that the bear featured in a promotional photo for "Army of Love" should become a mascot. The following day, Kerli tweeted a photo that depicted a cartoon version of the bear featuring the writing "BubbleGoth" designed by Vespertine. The bear's name is I-Loo (pronounced ee-loo), but before it became the mascot, it was named Plus.[2]

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