Shattering Crystal Shattering Crystal 27 December 2018

"Shadow Works" darker than "Love is Dead"?

Love is Dead, Kerli's debut album is undoubtedly dark both thematically and lyrically. It touches on topics such as a dying relationship, depression, anxiety, and emotional fragility. Kerli's image during the album's era was also gritty, somewhat strange and even scary at times.

Today, this question arose in my head: "Will Shadow Works be darker than Love is Dead", not just in a thematical sense, but also lyrically, image-wise and production-wise.

I think it could go either way to be honest since we don't currently know how the entire album will sound. However, it seems her image this era is going to be dark, really dark. The Savages single cover is full of black, same with the album cover. And while "Savages" isn't exactly the scariest song…

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Livvy18 Livvy18 4 October 2012


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LunaBella LunaBella 27 July 2010

Moon marks

" Moon marks are what Kerli and her MoonChildren would draw are their faces, she said in her blog that "Moon marks are the dots that fairies told me to draw on my face as a promise to look with my heart, not with my eyes. It consists of three dots that stand for INTEGRITY, LOVE and UNITY". She's also drawn many other things like stars and the moon on her self.


i wrote this because idk if it should be a page or not =P so i'll let the admin decide for him/herself.

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