Anrike Piel is an estonian photographer.

Shoot #1 (June 15-16, 2016) for Diamond HardEdit

Shoot #2 (June 20, 2016)Edit

This photoshoot is known as "INNER SPACE"

It's been a long time since we had this shoot. I kinda lost the thoughts and emotions I felt then and it got hard facing the photos, though they kept haunting me. Since then life has taken very unexpected, difficult yet incredibly beautiful turns, lessons, blessings and I have circled back to understanding what I was taking photos of then - ✨INNER SPACE ✨
"find your inner space and suddenly, you will find an explosion of light, of beauty, of ecstasy-as if thousands of roses blossomed within you and you are full of their fragrance"-#Rajneesh [1]

  • stylist: Johanna Eenma
  • makeup: Liisa-Chrislin Saleh
  • makeup assistant: Mariliis Pruul
  • hair: Sandra Ashilevi aka Sensu
  • hair assistant: Ellu Arula
  • production manager: Lisa Claudia Carmen
  • models:
    • look 1-7: Kerli Kõiv
    • look 5: Joel Markus Antson, Karl Markus Antson, Hans Markus Antson (by Katrin Aasmaa)
  • camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

  • dress: Roberta Einer
  • skirt: TUI'couture
  • shoes: Sirle Rohusaar

  • body: Mariliis Niine
  • shoes: Kätrin & Krete Beljaev
  • butterfly brooches: KUMA


  1. instagram: anrikepiel's post. Anrike Piel. June 8th, 2017.
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